Neuschwanstein Castle, Schwangau, Germany
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Water lillies
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Dandelions by Sophie Grandval
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My second year of RA training so far has been so chill as a returner, but also stress because I haven’t moved into my space yet.

I can’t express how excited I am for my community.

I also just found out that My staff of 6 and I will be receiving salaries equal to that of an HRA, which is double that of any other RA on campus. So woop for that. Of course it’s proportional though, because we are the first of our kind and there is so much work and so many expectations laying on our shoulders.

Tomorrow we finally have the first social justice session of training, always my favorite portions!

I really hope I get freshmen! I really hope I can do this position justice! I will do this position justice.


there’s only so much you can tell someone until you start walking in circles again

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Ponta do Sol
Caculi, Ribeira Grande, Cape Verde | by Sam Kirk
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Moby Dick book design by Julia Woo (on Tumblr).

Happy Birthday, Herman Melville!

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Moth Crush
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Digitalis purpurea illustrated by William Curtis
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untitled by *dapple dapple on Flickr.
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My junior year and second year as an RA at Mason has arrived. Out of fifty people that were interviewed, I was one of the four accepting a position as an RA for the Global Crossings LLC this year. Previously the young Mason Inn, the hotel is being changed into a residence hall, and I will be living there for free.

Just found out that the room I will be moving into this Saturday not only gives me ceiling to floor windows, a private bathroom and tub, but also a queen size bed.


(Photo containing a king)(which means even more space for me)(idk who am)(i don’t deserve this)

Bless this job.

I am so grateful to have been born into the foreign service.

I cant wait to meet my new residents.

I can’t wait to build a community.

My hard work has really payed off.



♕ ”I am not your little princess. I am Daenerys Stormborn of the blood of old Valyria and I will take what is mine, with fire and blood.”
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Claude Monet - The bridge over the water lilies pond 1904-05 
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Kent Williams
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Opaque  by  andbamnan